Article 14.

Adelante Dolmen is a type B social cooperative with over ten years’ experience in placing differently-abled people in the work environment. This guide was created with the aim of explaining Article 14 more clearly. For any further information or for personalized advice, please click here.

Law 68

Article 1 of Law 68/99 states: "The purpose of this law is to promote the integration and labour integration of differently-abled people into the world of work through support services and targeted placement".

Article 14.

Article 14 of Legislative Decree 276/03 gives companies an alternative means of complying with Law 68, since it allows for a resource not be hired directly, but rather to entrust the work order to a type B accredited social cooperative. This cooperative hires the differently-abled worker on behalf of the company and the worker is thus accredited to and considered part of the same. Article 14 is also an alternative to the cost of exemptions, since, without increasing the number of its employees, it has the benefit of this hire, which is an investment for the company itself.

How does it work?


Feasibility analysis

We assist companies by verifying the prerequisites needed in order to use Article 14.


What needs to be done?

The prerequisites for using Article 14 must be checked.
Firstly, the company must register with a representative association.
Secondly, the number of people to be placed must be defined. This information is provided by the relevant body (i.e. the Region, which is then referred to the city council or relevant province office).
Finally, an Article 11 plan and agreement must be set up to determine the number of people to be hired and the period in which to do it.
Subsequently, the exact number of resources can be inserted in accordance with Article 14.

What Adelante Dolmen does

Adelante Dolmen assists companies in the necessary procedures and suggests the best strategies to adopt.

Employees Differently-abled people People to whom Art. 14 applies
15- 35 1 1
36 – 50 2 1 + 1 Direct hire
> 50 7% 20% del 7% calculation on the average

Summary table of the hiring obligation by number of employees with the application of Article 14.



We define the best strategy based on the company’s real needs. There are two possible scenarios: the first where the resource works for the company on Adelante Dolmen’s premises, the second is that the most suitable candidate to work on the company premises is selected.


What needs to be done

In the first case, a company entrusts a cooperative with a task such as front-office, back-office or an expense report service. Once the parameters necessary for carrying out the service have been established, including the number of people with different abilities who must be hired by the cooperative, the project is finalized. The company thus fulfils its legal obligation and obtains a service, without increasing the number of its employees.

What Adelante Dolmen does

In this first case, the competitive advantage of Adelante Dolmen lies precisely in its ability to analyze and respond effectively to the needs of the company. When necessary, we are also able to define new activities to satisfy specific organizational requirements.


What needs to be done

In the second case, the company instructs the cooperative to find a person with a specific profile to be included in its team. The selection of one or more suitable resources with the professional skills adequate for the required working environment commences.

What Adelante Dolmen does

Since it has over 20 years’ experience in the field, Adelante Dolmen is able to choose the most suitable candidate and assist companies and individuals in work placements in every phase of pre and post hiring.



The service commences or the resources join the team.


What Adelante Dolmen does

Working with Adelante Dolmen makes a difference. With service entrustment, we appoint an operational contact person to work closely with both the company and the selected resource, providing checks for the company to ensure maximum efficiency and work output. Where the resource works in-company, we organize periodic evaluation and performance monitoring meetings.

A further advantage for companies that rely on Adelante Dolmen to fulfil their legal obligations derives from the fact that, being a social enterprise, the Article 14 agreement is regarded as Corporate Social Responsibility.

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For updates to the law relating to the Article 14 agreement, please visit the Metropolitan City of Milan portal: Metropolitan City of Milan.